By artistically combining the three elements of rock, plants and water together with authentic fencing, lanterns and water basins, a scenic masterpiece of miniature landscape can be created from virtually nothing.

At Herons we have a very comprehensive selection of all these items. With these, you can create a Japanese garden almost instantaneously.

At Herons, we have high quality garden trees from Japan - Massive Five needle pines, beautifully shaped Japanese Yews, Maples of every hue imaginable and elegant Ilexes.

If you are interested in these Japanese garden trees or 'Niwaki', why not visit our Nursery. You will find more information about our Nursery on the Herons Bonsai website
We have thousands of Japanese Maples on our nursery, from young plants to very mature trees. You will not find a better choice anywhere; the quality and choice is second to none.

All the Japanese maples at the Herons Bonsai Garden in Wisley come from our nursery. The Maples on the Japanese Garden Society's garden that won a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago were loaned from our nursery. Each and every specimen Maple that we grow has a character of its own. They are specially shaped for use in Japanese gardens.
No Japanese garden can be complete without the obligatory stone lantern and stone water basin. We have probably the widest range of authentic stone lanterns and stone water basins in the UK.

At Herons, there are over twenty different designs of lanterns, and as many designs again of water basins. Some are antiques, while others are recently made to authentic Japanese designs.

We have lanterns from Japan, Korea and China in a range of natural stone.
The art of fence making is one of the important crafts of the Orient.

At Herons we have a good choice of Japanese garden fences and screens to choose from. We also have a few authentic antique shoji screens for interior use.
Our rocks and stones for Japanese gardens are sourced from different parts of the world. Each one is carefully chosen for its individual character and beauty. You may buy them individually or as sets for Zen and other types of Japanese garden.They are all individual masterpieces or sculptures in their own right.

There is always a wide range in stock, but if you have a specific shape or type of rock in mind, we can usually source it for you.