About Us

Herons Japanese Gardens is the landscaping division of Herons Bonsai Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1986 by Dawn and Peter Chan.

Although our principal activity is bonsai, we are also engaged in the design, construction and renovation of Japanese gardens. This aspect of our business is a natural extension of our Japanese aesthetic activities.

Over the years, customers who visit our nursery have commented on the lovely Japanese gardens that they see around them and have asked if we could re-create the same kind of garden for them. Before long we found ourselves inundated with requests for Japanese gardens in all shapes, sizes and styles.

In the twenty- nine years that we have been making Japanese gardens, we have tackled a great variety of jobs. We have made gardens for hospitals, hotels, luxury London apartments, ordinary domestic houses and large country estates. Most of work is through recommendation from other satisfied customers.

Our gardens are both unique and personal as we involve the client very closely at every stage of the design and construction process.

The hallmark of our work is the authenticity and attention to detail. The quality of our work does not go un-noticed, and that is why we have so many satisfied customers. Our unique style and design ideas also attract the attention of contemporary life-style and design magazines both here in the UK and abroad.