All gardens start off as an idea and that idea is eventually translated into reality. We at Herons can  help you realise your dream by providing  the expertise and advice needed to achieve that goal. Not only will we come up with elegant design  solutions, but we will give you sound practical advice on how to see the project through. Much of this comes from years of experience in building Japanese gardens in the UK and abroad. 

How we do it...

We begin by visiting your garden to survey the site and discuss ideas that you wish to incorporate into your garden.  It is only through this interactive  dialogue that we can get to know your needs and tastes. We invariably  discuss the various design options and ideas with you before finalising the design that best fits your needs. We have found that it is only through this consultative process that a unique and personal garden can evolve.

We charge for the design service, but it is money well spent.

Some of our clients go on to create their own gardens using our design, which they find very satisfying. Others prefer to commission us to carry out the work. We are happy to work with you either way. Our ultimate aim of course is that you end up with a beautiful and scenic extension of your home or office which will be your own personal Japanese garden.